• 2022.11

    Milestone Title


    Bug fixes:

    • Fixed the bug that the interface could not be moved
    • Fix the path error of some files

    Functional optimization :

    • Optimize the software interface
    • optimization algorithm
    • Add some casual games
    • Increase the import and export functions of Test-standard and important database data.
    • Add a function of the single data’s “double-click to view” and print to a pdf file
    • Optimize the comparison function of the same type of data
    • Separate splitting of “standard files” and “material data packages”
  • 2022.8

    Update the version


    Bug fixes:

    • Fixed the interface display abnormality;
    • Repair garbled of some data  use Chinese ;
    • Fix some page conversion exceptions;

    Functional optimization :

    • Add  datas comparison function;
    • Add a Material calculator in Tools BOX;
    • Add a LOGO show in the data’s viewer;
    • Add common test standards for composite materials  as a useful tool


  • 2022.3

    We have the first Preview Edition!

  • 2021.2

    We’re trying to deal with the code!


  • 2020.4

    We’ve done a small plan

  • 2020.1

    We have an idea!


  • 2023.10:

    Important Feature Updates